Securing your Privacy

If you need to level up the privacy in your business

Do you feel safe online?
Almost every day we can read news about companies getting hacked and get their data stolen and offered back for a ransom. Luckily, this time it is not your company. But can you be sure you are not next in line?
We at Tresecur have a mission: to create a safer online environment for all of us, because online is here to stay. How? By providing you easy and effective tools to secure your privacy.


From time to time you have the need to anonymously share files with a friend or co-worker
By offering you an end-2-end encrypted way to anonymously share files. Zero knowledge.
Some popular file sharing tools are freely available for everyone, but none of them offers free end-2-end encrypted sharing. This means that the files you share with them are stored and viewable at their servers. Shaelter is unique by offering a safe file sharing solution based on zero knowledge.

Even Better Passwords

A lot of companies want to use even better passwords, but they don't know how.
By conforming to the latest NIST recommendation to check passwords against a blacklist.
The passwords of your users might be strong according to the minimum requirements, but if they are hacked before they are not worth much. Even Better Passwords is unique in providing a service API that will enable you to check your passwords against a massive amount of passwords that are known to be hacked before.

More privacy projects coming up!

Even Better Passwords is the first privacy solution we are offering, but much more is coming.


Stay informed about how we secure your privacy

New NIST recommendation: Check every password against a blacklist

Mar 03, 2022
Ensuring that your system is secure and that your user’s credentials are protected is the responsibility of your cybersecurity team. One way to do that is to comply with the new NIST password guidelines and best practices of 2020.
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